Tropical Blast Shea Mousse Body Moisturizer

Tropical Blast Shea Mousse Body Moisturizer

Shea Mousse body moisturizer is the moisturizer your body has been missing and it deserves. It's light and fluffy like mousse and the moisture is unmatched. The scent is incredible and you will never want to use commercial lotions again. Made with premium white ivory shea butter and infused with other healing oils. Your skin will glow and stay hydrated the entire day. Shea Mousse is free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. When you look at the ingredients in almost every commercial lotion there is mineral oil, soybean oil, alcohol and so many other harmful chemicals you probably can't even pronounce. Our skin is our largest organ. So, why would we want to pollute our own bodies with chemicals?

Over time your body will start to fight back. Treat yourself with love. Try Shea Mousse and bless your body with greatness. 


Shea butter benefits:

* It's moisturizing

* It won't make your skin oily

* Anti-inflammtory

* It's antioxidant 

* It's anti-fungal

* Boosts collagen production

* Helps regenerate skin

* Helps reduces scarring

* Helps prevent hair breakage

* It soothes sunburns 


  • Non refundable

  • Store in a dry cool place

Tropical Blast Shea Mousse

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