Small Fabric Headbands by Dainty Durag

Small Fabric Headbands by Dainty Durag

Gorgeous Headbands by Dainty Durag are made with the premium cotton fabrics. The back band is 1 inch elastic with the perfect stretch. This elastic is superb and won't lose it elasticity.  Dainty Durag headbands are perfect for short or long hair. They can be worn with a dress or a track suit, these headbands are very versatile. The vibrant colors are so unique and beautiful. The Dainty headband has the perfect fit and you will love it.  The Dainty headbands is 2 inches wide.
*all are satin except for red with yellow flower that one is cotton. 
  • How to care for:

    Machine wash cool.

    Lay flat to dry or dry on low.


Dainty Durag

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