Flaxseed Eye Pillows by Danity

Flaxseed Eye Pillows by Danity

Flaxseed eye pillows. These eye pillows are a scented or unscented treat and are multipurposeful. The Dainty Eye pillows smell divine. Aromatherapy fragrances can be used to help us relax, to provide mental clarity, to help cope with emotional conflicts, and to energize us physically, emotionally or mentally. We also have unscented too. Dainty Eye Pillows are great for yoga, spiritual practices, meditation, sedates nerves, anxiety, migranes, sinuses & reiki.
Dainty eye pillows are handmade with love and a smile. They can be stored in the freezer as a cooling pack or microwaved up to 40 seconds. (Be careful)
Made with flaxseeds, herbs and essential oils.

Need another specific amount? Contact us.

Lavender  Rosemary 
Peppermint Vanilla Chamomile 
Lemon Chamomile Mint
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