About Us

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Dainty Durag™, Bonnet Bhabie™, Edge Slayer™ are all African American owned and operated brands. Our products are geared towards women of color for hair preservation and hair health. All of our products are vibrant and beautiful. We take pride in our products and they are all made with love. 

The Dainty Durag™ is the brand with custom made durags, bonnets and edge slayers. We are proud to announce we are the 1st and only brand geared and developed for the feminine energy to feel beautiful while protecting our hair strands . Our products are so beautiful they can be worn out in public. Women of color no longer have to be shamed and told we cannot wear a "bonnet" or head scarf in public. When you see our durags, bonnets or edge slayers on our crowns you will praise the Queen wearing it.